In the owl’s eye –

Perched on an evergreen limb in the cool, clear air of the Green Mountains, this old owl will purport to know the wisdom that comes with age. To quote Billy Joel, “I may be right. I may be wrong,” but it’s the way things look from this tree overlooking Shelburne Bay and the Adirondacks.

And just to kick off some discussion, being in Vermont introduces one of the first observations. As age presses on, friends become increasingly important. Sure, you can travel, read, paint, do whatever, but the day you look through all those old class photos and realize there are only three of you left – well, that’s the day you appreciate everybody you knew and everything you experienced. Why? Because that’s who you are; the sum of all those parts.


About Gail Hunter

Been there; done that - from spelunking below the grass to parasailing above the water, and most things in between. Entrepreneur: ran 5 businesses into the ground (lots of advice there); raised kids, dogs and eyebrows; ex-fields are renewable energy, boats, golf, design & build, group travel agent, travel log writer (web) and now sharing what 80 years of life taught me.
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