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Hopefully, you the readers will ask questions and/or post comments to spark a discussion. The subjects at the start will be broad, such as ideas for the handicapped; or what is the minimum amount of calories I need to stay healthy; or what are the various kinds of retirement homes; what cities have the best local transportation for seniors without a car.

The list goes on and on. Rather than thread ad infinitum, the topics will be broken into parts for ease of following.

What do you do when your husband is always cold, and if the heat’s turned up, you’re stifling? Tell him to put on a sweater? But how is this accomplished without a tangle?

Comment please:


About Gail Hunter

Been there; done that - from spelunking below the grass to parasailing above the water, and most things in between. Entrepreneur: ran 5 businesses into the ground (lots of advice there); raised kids, dogs and eyebrows; ex-fields are renewable energy, boats, golf, design & build, group travel agent, travel log writer (web) and now sharing what 80 years of life taught me.
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