Have been “out to lunch” lately…just about to move into one of those “Senior Living” places. Yes, the time has finally arrived for us to let someone else shovel the snow, plow the field, and repair the plumbing.

This, The Pines, is an intermediary step. The last stop before assisted living; that is unless we win the lottery and achieve our dream.

Our dream: two houseboats, one on Mallett’s Bay in Colchester, Vermont, and the other on Blackburn Bay in Osprey, Florida. Neither need be operational as far as moving is concerned. We’re content to sit, observe, and make comments, some nice and some nasty, about the passing show. We keep the nasty ones to ourselves.

We do love to eat well wherever we are. So, back to dreaming – and writing for other venues.

If you have a dream, please make a comment on it. I’d love to see where you’d like to be, now or in the future.

After all, if we can’t dream???


About Gail Hunter

Been there; done that - from spelunking below the grass to parasailing above the water, and most things in between. Entrepreneur: ran 5 businesses into the ground (lots of advice there); raised kids, dogs and eyebrows; ex-fields are renewable energy, boats, golf, design & build, group travel agent, travel log writer (web) and now sharing what 80 years of life taught me.
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