Tempus fugit – and I’ve been busy

Let's keep it flying - Solvent

I’ve dropped the ball here – and on that subject:

While watching all the folderol around the “dropping of the ball” on New Year’s Eve, I felt a great weight of dismay. All I could think was how hollow we are. Does it take billions of dollars to basically move from 11:59:59 to 12:00:00 as the twelfth month turns into the first?

I cringed when I thought of the millions of people who could be fed with that money. Or, how about reducing the National Debt some? Roads and bridges are collapsing, and like Nero, we fiddle. And people danced world-wide!

Some cities had local, fun-loving celebrations, like the Possum Drop in the town of Brasstown, NC. Plenty of local good family fun, music, and no need for the millions spent on trash removal or Secret Service, unless the President decided to attend.

Psst: here’s how to get there, but don’t tell anyone. Too many people and the National Security folks will have to get in the act. That will cost money, and you might be treated to a pat-down.

In fact, I’ve had such fun reading about Clay’s Corner, I’m cutting this off here and will do a piece about it on Striped Pot.

What is Striped Pot? It’s an ezine* published by several seasoned travel writers who “met” online through interactions on their assorted venues. They became friends and formed a co-op to assemble their respective experiences around the world. Some are adventurers; some cover the arts; others love to wallow in luxury; all want to spread the word. Come have a look, and tell your friends about Striped Pot!
*ezine – an online magazine, pronounced e-zeen, or a travelezine.

Back to work now…Happy New Year!


About Gail Hunter

Been there; done that - from spelunking below the grass to parasailing above the water, and most things in between. Entrepreneur: ran 5 businesses into the ground (lots of advice there); raised kids, dogs and eyebrows; ex-fields are renewable energy, boats, golf, design & build, group travel agent, travel log writer (web) and now sharing what 80 years of life taught me.
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