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Been there; done that - from spelunking below the grass to parasailing above the water, and most things in between. Entrepreneur: ran 5 businesses into the ground (lots of advice there); raised kids, dogs and eyebrows; ex-fields are renewable energy, boats, golf, design & build, group travel agent, travel log writer (web) and now sharing what 80 years of life taught me.

Tempus fugit – and I’ve been busy

Opinion: on the money spent celebrating New Year’s Eve in particular and all folderol in general. Do we NEED all the hoopla, or is it just covering our insecurity? Continue reading

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Octogenarian? or OctoGram? – “Gram” to many

A quickie. I’ve been busy working the author-bit, hopping between Examiner, Design Media, HubPages, MobyWho, a few blogs, and keeping up with Facebook and Twitter. For the past three nomadic years, Cor and I have had a wonderful time, but … Continue reading

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Senior Tiny Travel?

That’s the name of a new website under construction. It will feature just that, Tiny Travel. I’ve found Big Travel quite exhausting and difficult, but still can’t wait to “get out of town”. We’re finding short trips intriguing. Suddenly, we … Continue reading

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Have been “out to lunch” lately…just about to move into one of those “Senior Living” places. Yes, the time has finally arrived for us to let someone else shovel the snow, plow the field, and repair the plumbing. This, The … Continue reading

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Boycott BP? No way!

Mother Nature takes no blame; gives no relief. Continue reading

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Categories and threads

Hopefully, you the readers will ask questions and/or post comments to spark a discussion. The subjects at the start will be broad, such as ideas for the handicapped; or what is the minimum amount of calories I need to stay … Continue reading

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In the owl’s eye –

Introduction to The Old Owl’s Tales, or tips for living long, happy, and not outliving your assets. Continue reading

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